An Enjoyable Picnic Essay

Picnic is a great source of pleasure. And I got an opportunity to enjoy such pleasure when our college was closed because of winter vacation. Our annual exam was just over. We had enough free time at our hand. So we along with our college teachers, arranged a picnic. We selected the National Park at Gazipur for the picnic spot. It is a nice place about 50 kms from Dhaka. We have hired two buses on the fixed day and started for the spot at about 8 am. We had our breakfast in the bus at 9 am. We took all necessary utensils with us and experienced cook also. On the way we enjoyed much by making a lot of fun. We reached the spot at about 10:30 am. The cook and his helpers started cooking . Some of us started gossiping, some were singing and some others making jokes.

I with some of my friends started wandering here and there. We enjoyed the natural beauty of the park. The trees attracted me most. At about 2 pm the lunch was ready. By this time all of us become very hungry. All of us took our lunch with a full appetite. Then we played some games and lotteries. I won two prizes . We started for home at 5 pm after having tea there. It was truly an enjoyable price.

The experience of the picnic of that day added a new dimension to my life. I learned two things from the picnic. Firstly picnic should be arranged to get relief from the monotony of our routine life. It creates chance to come closer to each other. It also removes the narrowness and broadens our mentality. Secondly picnic is educative in a sense. We can be informed of many  things about our won culture. Finally I will never forget the picnic that I enjoyed during my college life. It still delights me whenever I remember it.

Sometimes the daily routine of school, office, home and homework become very boring and dull. On such occasions, a picnic can work wonders in bringing our spirit back to life.

Picnics are liked by everyone, but children especially jump for joy when the word is mentioned. That is what happened to us when we learnt that a few families from our colony had planned on a day’s outing to the nearby Rajaji National Park.

The exciting day arrived and we packed ourselves and all the picnic gear into a van and set off. We had already booked a guest house for the day. We children quickly freshened ourselves and ran to play in the grounds.

When all our parents were ready, we walked to a small river nearby to picnic in its banks. Then the elders chose a place where the water was only two or three feet deep, and we all held hands and crossed over to the other side. What fun it was! We slipped on the stones and kept falling into the water. The stones hurt our feet but we didn’t mind.

After that we had a hearty lunch of some of the tastiest things that our mothers had ever prepared. We then went around the National Park itself. it was very tiring, but we were thrilled when we saw a herd of elephants in the distance. We also saw several colorful birds and even a green snake.

We returned to the guest house and played some more games till evening. By then we were thoroughly tired. The warm bed after the ride home was very welcome. It was one of the happiest days of my life, and I will always cherish its memory.

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