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A central theme of SIPRI's work on European Security is the need to define security in terms of the issues of primary concern to citizens. Because of their connection to their constituents and their habits of networking with peers in other countries, parliamentarians in European countries are in a unique position to assess the relationship between security policy and the wider needs of citizens. Therefore, engagement with parliamentarians is crucial.

European countries continue to invest significant resources in maintaining and developing armed forces and military capabilities. SIPRI monitors and analyses the military dimension of the evolving European security environment to assess the value, effectiveness and efficiency of these investments. 

In international comparative terms, European citizens are relatively insulated from the consequences of violent organized crime. However, while no European country appears in the 20 countries with the highest rates of gun deaths in the world, no EU country remains unaffected by firearms violence. Efforts continue to reduce the impact of gun crime on the security of citizens, in particular by working with EU institutions to further reduce the consequences of gun violence.

The need to protect citizens from the consequences of both intentional and unintentional human acts, as well as natural hazards and technical failures, has become an important strand in the European security discourse. A so-called all-hazard perspective is used to prevent, mitigate and recover from major disruptions to infrastructure on which the European way of life depends, such as energy and information and communications systems. SIPRI works to develop a better understanding of ways to detect and respond to both intentional and unintentional human acts that cause or may cause harm involving nuclear or other radioactive materials, installations or technologies.

Essays on “Conflict and Cooperation”

The Robot Apocalypse
By Judy Wajcman, Anthony Giddens Professor of Sociology, London School of Economics. She will open the European Forum Alpbach with an opening speech on August 16, 2017 .

Barely a day goes by without a news story, research study or business report declaring that the robot apocalypse is imminent. This is a rare moment where academics, entrepreneurs, journalists and politicians are united in fear, wonder and expectation. Read more …

Real spaces, not digital ones, will fix our politics
By Alex “Sandy” Pentland, Programme Director, Media Lab Entrepreneurship; MIT – Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Cambridge. Opening speaker of the Alpbach Economic Symposium on August 29, 2017.

Polarisation and political fragmentation are increasing across the world. On both sides, extreme views are increasingly popular.Read more …

A new Planetary Stewardship
By Philippe Narval, Managing Director of the European Forum Alpbach

We had made such a cosy home for ourselves in the market society that promised us, over the decades, that each generation would be materially better off than its predecessor. Read more …


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